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Greater Pittsburgh Economic Development Successes

How Cranmer Consultants Is Helping Pittsburgh Grow

Once called the buckle of the Rust Belt, Pittsburgh has made a dramatic comeback to become the economically flourishing City it is today. Pittsburgh native Bob Cramer has played an important role in that comeback. Thanks to his success in politics, he has been able to contribute directly to Pittsburgh’s economic development, and has built up the experience necessary to become a successful and knowledgeable Pittsburgh government relations lobbyist.

Cranmer Consultantsa - Pittsburgh Lobbyist - Government Relations for Economic Development Success

As a consultant lobbyist, he has continued to nurture Pittsburgh’s ongoing economic development. For example, Cramer Consultants recently helped bring a new transportation option to Pittsburgh residents by successfully lobbying for ride-sharing firm Lyft’s right to operate in Pennsylvania. Lyft will enable Pittsburgh residents a safe and affordable transportation option, as well as bringing jobs into the area.

But that’s not all Cramer Consultants has done to foster Pittsburgh’s economic growth. Cramer Consultants has worked with a range of corporate and nonprofit clients in contract procurement lobbying, grants and appropriations lobbying, political relationships, and lobbying strategies.

Bob Cramer’s long career in politics has given him the insider knowledge corporate and nonprofit concerns need to successfully lobby and form profitable political relationships. Cramer Consultants has the connections your organization is looking for. Satisfied clients include Family Links, Triad Strategies, Ohio Valley General Hospital, Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County, Loftus Engineers, and Sota Construction.

Cramer Consultants specializes in lobbying for the interests of transportation firms, Marcellus shale drilling outfits, public utilities development, water and water treatment concerns, and communications technology firms. Has legislation been introduced to the Pennsylvania Legislature that might interest your organization? We can monitor legislation for you, or help you attain other goals, including establishing and maintaining relationships with office holders.

Do you need a voice in the State General Assembly, governor’s office, or other state, city, or county agencies or departments? Our firm can be that voice. Need representation on the federal level? We can go to Washington on your behalf, representing your organization to Congress.

Does your organization need government funding to achieve its goals? Let Cramer Consultants get you the cash you need. We can help you find and obtain the grants your organization needs, whether from federal or state grant programs.

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